I am pleased to write in praise of the remarkable work of the Junior Company Foundation. By providing scholarships, workshops and financial support, they have given so many young performers a chance to develop their potential and pursue their goals. It is our honor as Good Company Players to work side by side with the Foundation to create opportunities for young people interested in theatre arts. Our shared goals of training, teaching responsibility, self-discipline, preparation, consideration and teamwork are the skills needed not only in the theatrical profession, but also in life. The results of the Foundations work can be seen on stage and in the classroom. Junior Company alumni are leaders in many professions from stage, screen and television to education and business leaders. It is a glowing example of how a little help, support and encouragement at the right moment can be life changing.

Dan Pessano
Managing Director Good Company Players

I support the Junior Company because it provides opportunities for children to learn, to do, to share. It immerses them in one of the great arts of all cultures—performing. In doing so, it answers a child’s need to relate to peers along with the opportunity to develop many skills in that process. As a collaborative art from, whatever one’s duty in theatre, you are always working with someone for a common goal, the final presentation to an audience. Learning to work closely with others and the development of communication skills are bonuses in theatre. There is probably not a single skill—design, construction, painting, performing—that is not asked of someone in theatre. Whatever a youngster’s skill or interest, there’s probably a place in the Company where a child could fit in. It’s a welcoming group. Also of importance is meeting the audience, a time of judgment for work done. That, too, is a rare opportunity to learn to deal with acceptance and rejection. The Junior Company members share that moment but sometimes difficult response hand in hand with friends.

Dr. Janet Loring

I have contributed to the Junior Company since the very beginning. I love the Junior Company and helping children in any way that I can. In all of my travels, I has never come across anything like the Junior Company!

Av Daniels

I am a former member of Good Company Players’ Junior Company and a recipient of a scholarship from the Junior Company Foundation. My father passed away a few years ago, leaving my family in a very difficult financial place. The Junior Company Foundation granted me $500 to help pay for my tuition at Fresno City College in the fall of 2014. The scholarship was a relief for my mother, who felt that her monetary hindrances would hamper my education and my future. That amount allowed me to attend school, where I was able to accumulate knowledge and skills that made me a worthy candidate for jobs and other valuable opportunities.

Christy Hathaway
Former Junior Company Member

I am very thankful to the Junior Company Foundation for granting me a scholarship. With the scholarship I was able to pay for about half a year worth of piano lessons. I am very appreciative to be able to say that the Junior Company Foundation has allowed me to continue my piano studies. These lessons have resulted in various accomplishments. For example, I had prepared a piece by Vivaldi with my piano teacher. I, along with a good friend who plays cello, formed a duo at the Fresno Baroque Festival. Not only did I get the chance to perform amongst such great performers, but my duo also received an honorary mention.

Mylan Biltz
Former Junior Company Member and JCF Junior Board Member/Artistic Director

This is a LONG overdue thank you to the Junior Company Foundation for the Audience Outreach grant that was given to the Lemoore High Choir during “Sister Act”. The students are so grateful and remember the experience with inspired memories.

Dorie Hibanada (Formerly Talob)
Lemoore High Choir Director

My experience going to Roger Rockas was amazing! We got to go backstage and see “behind the scenes” of the show Sister Act. I remember having the tour of the dressing room and being able to meet some of the cast before the show. The show was beyond incredible. It was my first time to see a live performance of a musical and I shed a few tears. It was a great experience! Aside from the show, we were treated to ice cream and any soda we desired. I felt so special!

Heather H
Current Junior Company Member