History of JCF

Good Company Players was first formed in 1973 (you can read more about their beginnings here). Pre-show revues were always a part of what they offered to their audiences, but for their first handful of years in existence, the pre-show performances were always provided by adult actors or a combination of adult and children actors. Eventually, the founding members of GCP realized they could create a valuable educational experience for the youth participating in their mainstage shows by allowing them the opportunity to create their own self-contained group of performers.

The Junior Company Foundation was created shortly thereafter, in the early 1980’s, for the explicit purpose of creating scholarships for such children to seek advancement opportunities in the performing arts. In 2012, JCF restructured with an expanded mission to not only help provide opportunities for students to learn and grow as performers, but to find ways to assist community members who might not normally be able to attend live theatrical events. These goals together mean that JCF strives to play an important role in building both the performers, and the audiences, of tomorrow.